DivFlo offers daily fresh flowers in all shapes and sizes. We buy the most beautiful flowers from all over the world. To ensure high quality products we only work with the best growers and importers. At DivFlo no destination is impossible for us to deliver beautiful, fresh cut flowers on a daily basis.

  • Fresh (cut) flowers
  • Directly from the growers
  • Personal service
  • Delivered within 24-48 hours *
  • Status: known consignor
  • Worldwide export and import

* Depending on the exporting country

DivFlo is a leading exporter and partner for flower wholesalers, importers and designers all over the world. Order your flowers directly online in our webshop. Are you looking for specific flowers that are not listed in our webshop? Please contact us at and we will make sure the desired flowers are delivered anyway.

The largest collection of flowers

In our webshop you will find a large selection of novelty flowers, plants and decoration material. Below you find a small selection of our availability.

Rose Avalanche
Rose Avalanche Peach
Rose Clarence +NEW
Rose Avalanche Candy
Rose Pearl Avalanche
Rose Four Seasons
Rose Gravity
Rose Wild Look
Rose Wedding Rose
Hypericum Coco Casino
Hypericum Coco Uno
Syringa (Lilac) Stepman 6+ Flowering!
Tulip Lustige Witwe
Tulip Russia
Tulip Jacuzzi
Tulip Frilled Real Time
Tulip French La Cour Parrot
Tulip French Green Wave
Tulip Parrot Rococo Double

Export of flowers

The Netherlands is the world’s leading flower supplier. DivFlo is a specialist in exporting flowers.

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Directly from the growers
  • Fast delivery
  • Transport and shipping
  • Personal service

Our flowers are prepared and packed with the greatest care, ensuring that they are still in top condition when they arrive at their destination.

When importing flowers you should always take into account the regulations of the countries concerned. Regulations such as import bans and required documents for clearing your shipment. To ensure a fast clearing of your shipment, DivFlo will help you meet all the needed requirements.

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Flowers import

Thanks to our close connections with growers all around the world, DivFlo is able to import fast and cost-effective. In addition, we cooperate with leading importers from the Netherlands. This enables us to work efficiently, maintain high quality and offer the largest range of flowers.

Personal contact

We offer our clients their own direct contact person, who will help you with whatever may be necessary. We are available every day of the week, all year round. Because our business, never sleeps!

Transport and shipping

DivFlo delivers the desired flowers all over the world. Each delivery is tailor-made and packed by certified packers, ensuring a safe arrival.

Known consignor

We specialize (among others) in air cargo and are registered as a ‘known consignor’. This status indicates that we meet all the required criteria and safety requirements. In addition, this status ensures you that your orders are dealt with more quickly on the airport.

Road transport

We also use road transport and sea cargo. Our experienced transporters cover thousands of miles on a daily basis to deliver your shipments all across Europe.

Your flower exporter

Do you have questions about DivFlo or services? Please contact us at We will be happy to help!

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